All Hamilton Russell Vineyards wines are grown, made, matured, bottled and labelled by the Hamilton Russell Vineyards team on the Hamilton Russell Vineyards Estate.

 Pinot noir

Our Pinot noir is not overtly fruity, soft and “sweet” and it generally shows hints of that alluring “primal” character along with a dark, spicy, complex primary fruit perfume.


Bright, vibrant natural acidity and a marked dry minerality combine with structural length and complexity in this elegant, classically styled wine.


Pinot noir Vertical

While many enthusiasts have cellared Hamilton Russell Vineyards Pinot noir over the years, there are still a lot who only encounter the wine at a youthful stage. This vertical allows enthusiasts to really get to know our Pinot noir and its story of place over time and through different life stages.

John Szabo, Master Sommelier, Canada

“Hamilton Russell is the original and still the gold standard for the region. The wines are all class.”

James Molesworth, Wine Spectator

“Today the winery (Hamilton Russell Vineyards) is one of the most recognized brands in the U.S. market, and rightfully so, as it has become the flag bearer for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from South Africa.”

Peter Newton, Bordeaux Index

“Hamilton Russell Vineyards is arguably South Africa’s most famous wine estate ….. Elegant Pinot Noir very much in a Burgundian style.”

Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

“Bravo to Hamilton Russell, who have produced an outstanding Pinot Noir in 2010, one of the finest New World expressions of the grape variety that I have encountered. When Hamilton Russell gets it right, they hit bullseye.”

Miguel Chan, Sommelier

“Without a doubt one of the world’s top 25 Chardonnays, including top Burgundy.”

Jay McInerney, Author and wine writer, New York

“Few outside of Burgundy have mastered the nuances of Pinot or learned to tame it. Hamilton Russell is among the few great New World Pinots – suggestive of Burgundy and yet utterly itself.”

Tim Atkin, wine writer, UK

“South Africa's best Chardonnay — elegant and beautifully poised.”

Oz Clarke, wine writer, UK

".... superb, restrained, Burgundian Chardonnay and Pinot noir that set a standard for the rest of the hemisphere..."

Andrew McNamara, Master Sommelier, Florida

"I have always thought of their Pinot noir as iconic - a true example of what Pinot noir can be. It will always have a place in my heart as the first great South African wine I ever had - and it continues to show the world what Pinot noir can be."